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deviation in storage by CoyoteMange


Le tagged by the awsome: :icontoboe4ever:

1. You must post these rules
2.Answer the question the tagger set for you in their post, and create ten new questions for the people you tag to answer.
3. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons in your journal.
4. Go to their pages and tell him/her you've tagged them
5. No tag backs. It's a constantly continuous game.
6.No "you are tagged if you are reading this". Just please tag 10 people.

Because I love breaking rules I will only follow rule nr.1 and 2 (the truth is that I am lazy).


1. If you saw someone crying all alone, would you go cheer that person up even if you didn't know him/her?
-Yes, I met a girl that was crying. She was in 4th grade and was afraid of the 6-9th graders, her friends had left her so I whent and found her mentor.
2. Do you have any animals? If you do, then what kinds?
-A german shepherd named Girl.
3. What country are you from, and what's your favorite things about it?
-Sweden! <3 The nature is amazing <3
4. How's the weather? o3o
-I don't know... It's dark outside but windy I guess?
5. Any person that have made a big influence on your life?
-:icontoboe4ever:, her sister, old friends/class, mum, grandmother and new friends/class.
6. Favorite thing you own?
-Laptop, tablet and phone<3
7. Favorite songs?
8. ..uuhhhm.... ...... ...........KÖTTBULLAR(meatballs)? O3O (*shot*)
-Jag åt det för några dagar sedan~
9. Ok.. ok... a little more "question"-like question now xD ...favorite soda?
-Fanta! Fanta! Fanta! FANTA!<3
10. FINAL QUESTION O3O .....if you could visit any country, what country would you go to? And you can only pick one.
Why so hard questions?! D: Umm... Australia maybe


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